How Old Is Your Home’s Central Air Conditioning?

Did you know that if your central air conditioning unit is over 8 years old, replacing it could cut your cooling costs by 30% or more? Since heating and cooling account for nearly half of the average homeowner’s total energy bill upgrading to an energy efficient AC system can save some big bucks.

Our heating and cooling experts can help you select the best air conditioner for your home taking all the important factors into consideration. We’ll consider the size & number of rooms you wish to cool, as well as the, orientation to the sun, types of windows in the home, quality of insulation, and many other factors that determine your residential load.

Whether you are installing a new system or upgrading an existing heating and cooling system, installing equipment properly is essential to getting the best performance. According to

Energy Star Air Conditioning  “Nearly half of all heating and cooling equipment in U.S. homes never performs to its advertised capacity and efficiency due to incorrect installation.”

We use only the best equipment and our experienced installers make sure that your system is set up properly to ensure maximum performance and the longest lifespan possible for your new system.


  • Design and install new energy efficient central air conditioning systems.

  • Upgrade out dated, inefficient central air conditioning units & ducting.

  • Add-On Central Air Conditioning to a pre-existing system

  • Install ductless mini split systems for smaller homes or special projects.

  • Install Honeywell wireless zone systems.

  • Perform scheduled maintenance & repairs on installed systems